Before I tell you about me, let me tell you what I believe in.


I believe in the power of community impact.

I believe in listening – between the lines.

I believe that quiet power is a form of activism, in the magic of kindness, and the beauty of building something that matters.

I believe that each one of us has leadership inside of us. I also believe that we each have the ability to build and contribute to communities, whether that is physical, virtual or a combination of both. I am excited to get to know you and help you dig deep into stepping into your position of leadership, advocacy and community building – however that may look for you personally.


Naomi Hattaway Headshot 2017 copy.jpg

After 15 moves, three of which were international relocations, I have mastered the art of successfully moving from one home to the next.

For our first international move to New Delhi, India I had three young children in tow. I was not provided any professional assistance and did not have a support team. I pulled up my boot straps, and acted as the wife, mother, adventure cheerleader, HR Department AND personal Relocation Specialist for that move.

I have also become an expert in community building. Getting our family from Ohio to India in one piece, thriving and calling it a success was no small feat. In that location and in all of the subsequent places we’ve called home, I have worked diligently to create community. I bring my learned experiences of creating community now to you.


My Patchwork

I was born in Nebraska to a white mother and a black father – in the mid 1970s, when it still wasn’t quite accepted to be bi-racial.

I was homeschooled for my entire education –  in the years when it wasn’t quite legal to do so.

I left home at the age of 16 and found myself pregnant with my first child a year later, at the age of 17.

I am the oldest of four children (with every character trait present to prove my birth order) who grew up in a very small town in Nebraska. Maybe having lived in a land-locked state in the middle of nowhere has encouraged my obsessive love of the endless ocean and travel?

I am an ex-smoker (nearly 20 years of smoking and nearly 7, nicotine free!), I love red wine and I really love long walks with earphones in and a podcast on play.

I’m a brave, independent girl but I still need to feel protected by her man and I LOVE date nights with my Husband.  I fiercely love my children but always wish I had done a better job at parenting at the end of the day.

I am stubborn, melodramatic and sometimes impossible to reason with. I always exercise my right to vote, my right to free speech and my right to stomp my foot when I see something that is wrong.

I type a ridiculous amount of words per minute, but can’t possibly have an intelligent argument with my Husband (who votes differently than me!) about politics to save my soul.

I want to live my life without fear or regret – but only if I’ve exercised due diligence in researching my options.