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Naomi’s presentation was extremely worthwhile! I got a lot of the experience and it was fun, enriching and full of positive takeaways.
— Jolt Session member

I am pushing at the edges of community building, leadership & personal branding.

Naomi speaks on the the importance of authentic community building when growing your business, network or tribe.

Creating a community however, is more than simply raising your hand to say “I’m over here!”

The founder of a thriving real estate business and an international online community, I understand the importance of connection, the value of living the ethics you promote to your community and the difference between community for the sake of business, and community for the purpose of changing the world.

Speaking Topics

Naomi can speak to your organization on topics such as:

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Creating Community & Culture

Community Building & Creation of Culture. Stop wasting time on the learning curve of finding / creating your community / manifesting your culture and values

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Creating Meaningful Connections and Strategic Relationships

How to authentically engage with your local and online communities to create meaningful connections and form strategic relationships

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Which platform should you use to create a community home?

Mighty Networks? Mobilize? Slack? Facebook Groups? Where should you create the home for your community? 

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Impact + Revolution 

How to prioritize *impact over income* AND *revolution over revenue* inside your community. Branded communities are all the rage these days, but I believe in a better way. 

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Community Management is NOT the same as Community Building

There is a massive difference between authentic community building and being hired or employed as a community manager

Are we all leaders and community builders?

Community building and leadership can be a lonely road to travel. I share resources and practical tips on bringing support and rejuvenation into your daily activities as you build community and impact through leadership

Naomi is an engaging and dynamic speaker. We felt fortunate to have her as the opening keynote speaker at the 2017 Families in Global Transition annual conference. Naomi gave her audience immediately useful takeaways and was available to speak with everyone who wanted to talk to her after the presentation. For many, Naomi’s keynote speech was the highlight of our program.
— Kristine Racina, President of Families in Global Transition

Previous Engagements



Ignite Talk: Families in Global Transition. 2014, Washington DC

I Am A Triangle and other thoughts on repatriation.

Opening Keynote: Families in Global Transition. 2017, The Hague, Netherlands

Me Too! Lighting the Triangle Beacon – Why Finding Your Tribe Matters. Is your address book overflowing, containing the contact information for friends you have made from around the world? Yet, you find yourself wishing to surround yourself – in the current moment -- with like-minded individuals ready to share coffee, chat online about a success story in recent days, or meet people who could welcome you to your new city before you’ve even arrived in that postal code? Visualize a glowing beacon, an identifying sign, over the heads of the people who, like you, have explored this great big world and are better for it. Now envision being able to identify those people as you go about your day to day living. In this interactive keynote, we will explore eight practical ways to send YOUR beacon out into the world as well as how to find and maintain your tribe – filled with amazing individuals who say “me too!”

Concurrent Workshop: Families in Global Transition. 2018, The Hague, Netherlands

Workshop session, presented with Emmy McCarthy: The Power of One: How to LEAD the change you wish to see. This session utilizes case studies as well as real-life examples from our years of community building and leadership, and includes attendee participation. We bring to light the various ways in which ordinary citizens can utilize their global experiences and life education to affect change within society, provide leadership to their communities and help create opportunities to seek out others in operating in the same arena. We explore the leadership models of noted experts and introduce a unique framework that works beautifully in today’s society - with support and a built-in network FOR our new leadership model as well as true value to the members of society being impacted by these leaders.


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On Community Platforms, Tools & Methodologies

A wise community leader once said, if you will build it, they'll come. Learn about the different platforms, tools, and methodologies available to us to build and run a successful community.

Taking Your Community to the Next Level: Global

For community builders everywhere, the struggle is real. You are tasked with establishing a community, maintaining awareness, and the responsibility of keeping up engagement as well. Sometimes the next step feels unattainable. Let's identify key tactics and practical strategies to take your community and level it up to a global status. Nurturing community members that are raving fans and evangelists, while still maintaining the identity of your impact and values, is possible.

Change Management vs. Change Leadership. Understanding the difference + the impact

In today's language, the term "change management" is being used widely as the strategy implemented when any type of change impacts your organization, your company, your culture, or your customers. However, something that is not being discussed at a high level is the concept of change LEADERSHIP. In this talk, I will discuss the differences between the two, and help you create strategies around the latter - so you can learn how to best impact your future launches, cultural and product changes, etc., with a strong understanding of change leadership.

Naomi was our opening keynote speaker at the 2017 Families in Global Transition conference in The Hague. I had the pleasure and honor to see Naomi’s journey of preparation and her outstanding talk. She set the tone of the entire conference, creating an immediate sense of belonging by leading the first steps of building the community of this special event.
— Daniela Tomer, Programs Chair, Families in Global Transition

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