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A Home for a Global Community

I Am A Triangle

Since its founding, the I Am a Triangle community has offered unparalleled support and insight to individuals around the world. Our community began in September 2013 with a mere 30 “Triangles.” It grew organically inside of a closed community using the Facebook Groups product and saw well over 16,000 members join. In August of 2017, the website and new community platform was launched utilizing the Mighty Networks platform, fulfilling a forward thinking vision to further the reach and impact of the I Am A Triangle community.

Tools that made it happen

  • Zombie Loyalists (Peter Shankman)
  • Lots of learning, research and reading
  • Integrity and Consistency
  • Facebook Groups
  • Mighty Networks
  • Slack Integration
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Facebook Live


  • 16,000+ members
  • Over 100 countries represented
  • 84% engagement rate
  • 72% retention rate
  • 69% return rate

Build Your Community With My Insights & Experience

If you have any experience with community building, you know it's hard work! Many individuals accidentally fall into this form of leadership and realize soon after that the work, energy, creativity and stamina can be overwhelming. Read on to learn how I can bring my experience and insights to inject a sigh of relief into your life.


Consultation Call

Let's chat 1:1 about your community and ideas for growing it. You may book a 45 minute session for an investment of $75.


Private Workshop

I design workshops unique to your needs and facilitate directly with your team to achieve your community and leadership goals.


Seeking Leaders & Community Builders

Are you a leader - whether in your community or in an online space? Are you a community builder? I am currently conducting interviews and research around redefining the way we look at leadership and communities. 

A community is a self-sustaining group of individuals who share a concern for each other, will take action to actively support each other, and take the knowledge and encouragement they’ve received from their community out into the world.
— Emmy McCarthy & Naomi Hattaway

The work we do together is work DONE better.